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Hello everyone,

Allison here. I'm a graduate of Western Illinois University (Bachelor of Arts, Instrumental Music Education K-12 Special) and the University of Maryland University College (UMUC Master of Distance Education). I'm a systems engineer, technical writer, technical trainer, U.S. Navy veteran, former public school music teacher, social media enthusiast, and lifelong learner. I started tinkering with computers and software in 1983 and have been on the 'net since 1994. When I work in an education and training capacity, I like to think that I help lifelong learners and educational technology find each other and fall in love.

About the Toolbox

After sharing several of my favorite "school tools" with the MDE Student Lounge Google Group, UMUC MDE Director, Dr. Stella Porto ("Stella" to the MDE family), suggested I make a list of all of them. I decided to go one step better and categorize them in this wiki. In addition to creating a place to share my growing list of tools, I'm also getting some great hands-on experience with creating and maintaining a personal wiki. What you'll find here is collection of Web and desktop tools that can help us keep in touch and get things done. If you have a favorite to recommend, please contact me. I'll give it a try and add it to the wiki.

I actively contribute to the MDE Student Lounge, have served as a mentor in the MDE Peer Mentoring Program, and am a Teaching Assistant for:
  • OMDE 601 Foundations of Distance Education (Spring 2010, Summer 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011)
  • OMDE 608 Learner Support in Distance Education and Training (Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011)
  • OMDE 606 Costs and Economics of Distance Education and E-learning (Fall 2010, Spring 2011)
  • DETC620 Training and Learning with Multimedia (Spring 2011)
  • DEPM650 Practitioner Research in Distance Education and E-Learning (Spring 2011)

In addition, I've been a Writing Coach for:
  • OMDE 603 Technology in Distance Education and E-learning (Fall 2010)
  • DETC 630 Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning Systems in Distance Education and E-learning (Fall 2010)

I'm interested in personal learning environments, social learning networks, and innovative ideas for using social software to enhance learning. I help lifelong learners and educational technology find each other and fall in love. If you think we share similar interests, I'd like like to be in your network.

You can connect with me on Diigo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other networks on my Google profile. You can view my resume on Google Docs and visit my Weeby ePortfolio.

Kind regards,

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