Advanced Plagiarism Checker

plagiarismchecker3.pngAbout Advanced Plagiarism Checker: "Paste your text to compare in the text box. We'll break it up into small fragments and scan the Internet for it. Our free article checker is a tool that checks the web for plagiarism of your content. Paste your text in the text box, then press the button. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the search by using the slider bar. What does your tool do? It checks your submitted source for direct plagiarism by splitting up the piece into small, distinct fragments. Then, using the search engine's API (official method), we scour Google, Google Books, Google Scholar, Bing, and Yahoo for appearance of these plagiarized fragments then report the results to you across all these different sources. Will it check the entire document or just part of it? We scan your entire document. There is no trial or paid membership or registration required. Everything is 100% fully functional and 100% fully free. Will you store my scan in your database? No. Your submitted text fragments are only temporarily sent to the search engines. Then they are discarded."