Amazon Cloud Drive

clouddrive.pngAbout Amazon Cloud Drive: "Amazon Cloud Drive is your hard drive in the cloud. Securely store your music, videos, photos, and documents online and access them from anywhere. Your Cloud Drive page is divided into three panes or areas: Files, Lists and Folders. ... The Files area displays details on all your purchased or uploaded files, organized into Folders. Files and Folders can be sorted by any field by clicking on the column header. Files can be selected by checking the check box next to the file name. Once selected, files can be deleted, copied, moved and renamed using the Action Buttons above the Files area. To open a file, click on the title. If the file can be played using Amazon Cloud Player, Cloud Player will automatically open in a new window and begin playing the file. Other files will begin downloading immediately and will open in a new browser window, or a pop-up window will prompt with further download instructions. Amazon has already created some top level folders for you including 'Documents,' 'Music,' 'Pictures,' and 'Videos.' You can create more folders to organize your Cloud Drive files as you wish. To create a new top level folder, select the "Your Cloud Drive" folder in the Folders area on the left hand side of the Cloud Drive page. To create a new sub-folder, select the existing folder where you want to create your subfolder."