artpad2.pngAbout ArtPad: "Let your imagination be your inspiration. The possibilities are infinite. If you’ve never painted before, now’s your chance. Plus, there’s no messy cleanup! Are you a Picasso, Van Gogh, or Rothko? Get your paint on with thousands of size, color, and opacity combinations. Mistakes are no problem with ArtPad’s undo functionality. Hurl your hues straight from the bucket. Satisfy your inner Pollock with the splash tool. Splash variations are totally up to you. Don’t hold back, because you can always start over. After the paint dries, you’ll need one finishing touch. Choose from an array of quality frames, specially selected from the hundreds available at the FrameShop. Now it’s time to see how your work of art looks alongside other masterpieces. Does your artwork make you smile like DaVinci or scream like Munch? Be sure to boast about your talents to family and friends. It takes just a few clicks to share your magnificent creation with everyone you know."

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